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Hello! My name is Rowena Quinto-Karstaedt, you can call me Rowee. I am a 37-year-old from Lucena City. It had been four long years since I last worked as a Medical Transcriptionist to focus on my son.
As I am restarting in the work field, I am looking for the same job scope or at least online-related work. I heard about virtual assistants before, I thought virtual assistants had the same scope as Medical Transcriptionists but I thought wrong. The two are way different from each other. Being a virtual assistant, you need to be creative when it comes to words for creating content, arts, design, also layout, and video editing. I figured the need to train to be a virtual assistant to work as one. I am glad to find Virtual Assistant University in search of starting ground to be a virtual assistant. In VAU, we were taught all the basics of being a virtual assistant and I am happy to learn that they also offer outsourcing jobs for the trainees.
Through VAU, I know I can hone the skills that I have acquired from their training to help me land a job that I know I would enjoy doing and keep learning to help expand the services I could offer to my future clients.


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