About Me

         Hi, my name is Rixel Denaga, and I am a trained Virtual Assistant. I’ve done training for VA and I was introduced to different niches that can be offered to my future client. 

          I grew up here in the Philippines and my favorite hobbies are gaming and basketball.

          I had done research on enhancing more of my skills. I can be your Social Media Buyer, I will help you gain more traffic on your business, or reaching to the right audiences through the proper execution of Facebook Ads. I can be your researcher through Lead Generation, and inputting all data using Google Tools. If you want me to manage your website, I can help you also by using WordPress through Elementor. I also offer Click Funnels and ChatBot. 

        The reason I got into Virtual Assistant is that I love working while I’m in the comfort of my home. Right now I am searching for a client to execute all my skills as a VA. I can work with you full-time.

         Lastly, my internet speed is 10mbps download and 20mbps upload. I hope you enjoyed reading this short article of mine, thank you more power and God bless.