I'm glad you're here

Hi my name is Carla Jaey F. Gundran. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing however I did not work as a Nurse instead I work in a BPO industry. I started in my first company as a customer service representative for 2 years and got promoted as a team leader for 3 years. Sad to say I need to resign due to relocation of the company. My second company was for a bank based in the US, my position was a bank associate and I worked for the company for about 6 years.


I decided to change my career as a virtual assistant because I wanted to work at the comfort of my home and spend more time with my family. So I took up training classes to become a virtual assistant, with this training I now can say that I can be your assistant in any way that I can. Everything is a learning process I may not be good at some things but I can learn and adopt. I can work with minimal assistance. On top of that I work diligently and with integrity. I make sure to keep the trust that my employer gave me. 

I work with Integrety

I believe that trust is the most important thing when it comes to anything. Mistakes are inevitable so you should own it and learn from it. But lying about it and keeping it will only hurt you hard.

I work diligently

I make sure that I pay attention with what I’m doing to make sure that I provide a good service.

I can work with minimal assistance

I am new to this type of work but with the training that I received I now have a bit on information on how to do the task, what tools to use, and where to search if in case I need to know more about the task.

I have good written and verbal communication skills

I worked in the BPO industry for 11 years handling UK and US account


Cjaey Fernandez Gundran


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